11 Ways to Lose Weight: Without Spending Time, Money, Energy, or even DOING Anything

At my Nashville church this past weekend I ran into a buddy of mine named Wayne that I hadn’t seen in a while. I noticed from across the room that he looked amazing. It looked as though he had lost at least 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I went up to him and told him how wonderful he looked and that I was so excited for him. And being a nosey self-discipline strategist I, of course, had to ask, “How’d you do it?”

 Wayne’s answers were simple. They didn’t involve anything dramatic like taking magic pills, working out 4 hours per day or becoming Vegan (although I have been one for almost a year now and found out this week on the show that Bob from The Biggest Loser is, too!). In fact the things that Wayne said reminded me very much of what I went through from December of 2004 to June of 2005 where I went from 215 pounds down to 175 – which is where I have stayed at since.

Most of the people who know me now don’t believe me when I tell them the story about my personal weight so I grabbed a couple old pictures to show you what I’m talking about. I do carry weight well but make no mistake, I was at a point beyond what I was proud of.

What was powerful about talking with Wayne (other than just being totally energized from seeing his success) was that I remembered that so much of making changes in our life that improve our self-discipline can be less about what we need to start doing and more about what we need to STOP doing.

So here is a list of self-discipline rules related to losing weight that I followed rigorously that had a tremendous impact on making changes in my life. Most of these have become habit and I still follow them about 98% except for the occasional splurge. As I wrote on Twitter the other day “As you mature in your self-discipline your appetite changes; what was once a sacrifice later won’t even be a temptation.”

  1. Don’t eat fast food from any fast food chain.
  2. Don’t eat within 3 hours of going to bed. IE if you go to sleep at 11pm, then don’t eat after 8pm.
  3. Don’t drink anything other than water or green tea during the day on weekdays.
  4. Don’t drink carbonated beverages.
  5. Don’t eat white bread.
  6. Don’t have dessert.
  7. Don’t have anything other than fruit for breakfast.
  8. Don’t eat so much in one meal that you feel “stuffed.”
  9. Don’t eat your plate clean at every meal.
  10. Don’t have candy bars, chips, cookies, or any baked pastries.
  11. Don’t eat fewer than 4 times per day.

Congratulations, Wayne!! Keep it up. You inspire me, brother. And now, hopefully you will inspire others.

See you in the stairwell,

Rory Vaden
Take the Stairs – Success means doing things you don’t want to do

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12 Comments on “11 Ways to Lose Weight: Without Spending Time, Money, Energy, or even DOING Anything”

  1. Kitty Barrow Says:


    I am 100% with you except I gotta have a little ice cream for desert. Just not a huge bowl full.

    Thx for the great message!

    Kitty Barrow

  2. Great post bro. I would also add that if you climb Mt Kilmanjaro you’ll lose 18 lbs! :)

    • Ha for sure! I could’ve blogged about that but not sure that I personally would climb Mt Kilmanjaro but you look great too!

      BTW did you know that this article is about Wayne that works with the A/V team?

  3. Beth Says:

    I’m curious about why u say to only have fruit for breakfast – I’ve heard that before, but I’ve also heard it’s good to have protein because it keeps u feeling full. Could u please explain about the fruit? Thanks.

    • Hey Beth,

      Well I’m not a nutritionist or anything but the reason I put this rule in place for me (and why I have heard it from others and health books etc) is mostly to avoid all the negative breakfast options rather than because it’s the perfect breakfast option. A lot of times we sugar-loaded, carb-loaded cereals, pastries, bars, etc. Fruit has natural sugar and carbs in them that gives us energy to face the day. Plus there is more caffeine in 1 apple than 3 cups of coffee. Plus I’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat fruit after 3 or 4 pm (because there isn’t enough time to burn it off in the rest of the day) but yet you need to have several servings each day so it makes sense to knock it out in the morning. So as I say, it’s more about deciding on fruit as an unquestionably healthy option rather than having to evaluate between all the other normal unhealthy breakfast options. Hope that helps.:)

  4. Angela Verde Says:

    Hey Rory, I just wanted to let you know that I am on Day 5 of choosing to obey these guidelines. Wow, I didn’t even realize how much I was eating out and snacking, until I decided I wasn’t allowed to.

    I recently learned it doesn’t matter how much you work out, if you’re not eating right. After reading your blog, I realized I was eating wrong. Thanks for the wake-up call.

    When I was reading those eleven guidelines, I figured, “Yeah, those make sense,” and, “Eh, that’d be easy. It couldn’t make THAT much of a difference, but it could make for a good start, and some rules that can keep me in check. Plus, I’ve met Rory before and he is a real person, and he seems pretty healthy to me, so …why not?”

    So, I gave it a shot, and the first day was tough and seemed really long. Lol So, that night I got my roommates involved, and we went through “Rory’s Rules”😉 one by one, wrote them down, and posted them on the fridge.

    And here’s my tip for anyone interested in making these work for themselves: Set a deadline. One thing about empty calorie or anti-foods, is that we’re emotionally attached to them. We have them when we FEEL like having chips, chocolate, fries, sodas and energy drinks. So, by giving yourself a realistic deadline, you can fight those emotions/cravings, because you don’t have to buy into “never,” but you can confidently sacrifice for now.

    So, I just wanted to thank you for giving me some realistic rules to work with, from a real person, who saw real results. I am starting with a short-term goal of 11 days of sticking to these 11 rules. I don’t know what kind of results I will see, but I do know that I already feel more confident about my choices. And when I choose to do it for 11 more, boom, that’s 22 days. Healthy habits formed!:)

    Anyway, good luck to everyone who’s giving this a shot. Go for it. It’s, like, FREE! Basically, it requires little more than self-discipline, and it might be a nice way to jump start a healthier you. For me, I’m also adding healthy reading, positive self talk, and light work outs. Again, …why not? GOOD LUCK, ALL!:)

    • Rory Vaden Says:

      Very awesome Angela! Thanks for sharing this. This is cool to hear the story of someone just beginning the process. So simple. It seems though with all of the top performing people I meet in all different walks of life that most of the stuff that works is insanely simple. Just like this.:) See you in the stairwell. Rory

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  6. gegejosper Says:

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  7. garreth steyn Says:

    I’m 18 now does this work on teens too?

  8. It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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